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This is the final part in a three part series on the design of a chicken tractor. The focus of this post will be slightly different in that not all chicken tractors need to adhere to these criteria or constraints. For the Golden Egg experiment we want our tractor to 1) be relatively easy to construct......
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WHO WILL WIN!!? In most backyard flocks the coop is the biggest up front investment. There are a million and one ways to design a coop but really only two categories: fixed or mobile. In this post we’ll briefly discuss basic coop requirements. The larger purpose though is to look at the key differences between fixed......
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It’s Chick Day! Chick day came and went with no complications, which is not usually my style. Maybe I’m slowly getting better at this! Let’s talk about what we did....
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Have you ever wondered if “those crazy backyard chicken people” are actually onto something? Or do they just have pets with benefits?...
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