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Fresh Eggs Are The BEST!

Have you ever toyed with the idea of having your own source for fresh eggs?  Did you start to do the research and get totally overwhelmed by the amount of information available?  Or the cost?  Or the time?

Or maybe you jumped right in and now you’ve got a dozen pullets living in your bathroom and you’re not sure how you’re ever going to clean up all the poop!

When you picture yourself as an owner of a small flock do you find yourself asking questions like, “What if they die?” or maybe worse, “What if they don’t die?”

Don’t freak out.

You can do this.

Here at No Clucking Around we understand that your time and dollars are precious and that finding the right balance between the two is important and personal.  We know that sometimes livestock turn into pets.  We know that, sometimes, that rooster has jut got to go.

Why another website about chickens?

It’s true that there are a LOT of places on the internet that contain snippets about chickens.  There are even a few that are dedicated to backyard poultry.  Not to mention the forums where you can get any question you can think of answered.

At least 3 different ways.

So, why us?

We’re going to walk you though each step and show you how you can have fresh eggs in your back yard while not blowing up your life and without becoming “those crazy chicken people” on your block.
Do we know everything?  No, we don’t.  That’d be ridiculous.

Do we know how to research the options and make a decision?  Yes, and we can help you do the same.

Having backyard hens is very much a “choose your own adventure” kind of thing.  There are a ton of options at every turn and it’s not always clear which road to take.

We can help.

Journey with us as we teach you about the systems that will enable you to get the freshest eggs for the right investment.

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