After much consideration we are excited to announce that we are combining No Clucking Around with our farm website.

You may have noticed that the last few weeks have been very quiet on this site. We apologize for that, it was not intentional. There’s been a lot going on with the farm and this site has taken a back seat.

That being said, we are still eager to share our farm life with everybody and continue to teach and learn as much as we can! If you’ve been following along for a while, or are finding yourself here for the first time, please consider this your official invitation!

Please head over to our internet home of Bramble Berry Hill Farm and sign up for our newsletter there. There should be a form in the sidebar for your name and email. Over time we will be updating and republishing the content from here over there. We’ll also be showing you some of the real stuff that goes on around our farm.

This site will stay live for a good long while, but any future posting (for now) will be over at the farm site. We may relaunch at some point in the future. But for now…

I really hope you’ll join us!

-Homestead Bear

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